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Purified silicon squeezy cheeze from megastar producer Hudson Mohawke. A steadfast adherent of the more-is-more production outlook, Mohawke's tightly packed 2nd album features guest spots from Antony, Jhene Aiko and Miguel, following his production details for the cream of the American hip hop crop, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Drake and Pusha T. There are interesting moments to be discovered, as with the OPN-esque majesty of 'Kettles', the searing synth excess of 'Scud Books', and the pointillist percussion of 'Lil Jembe', or the concise instrumental rave attacks such as 'Shadows' and 'System', but each vocalist seems to be fighting against the ultra-garish production. Would have been much better if he worked with someone young, fresh or new like the PC Music lot or even some holographic Japanese singer - heck a speak 'n spell would sound better than Antony here - but the clash of "proper soulful" artists and "upfront" production doesn't completely work for us...

Hudson Mohawke - Latern (2LP Vinyl)

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