Full of raw energy, loveable irreverence and dynamite tunes, have become synonymous with the unmistakeable, sun-drenched pop of Australian-duo Hockey Dad. The childhood mates formed in a beach side town in the south east of Australia, have taken their raucous shows and jangly fuzz-pop songs all around the globe. The duo come bursting through the gates with new off­ering Brain Candy.

Produced by John Goodsmanson (Blend Inn) Brain Candy is full of frenetic energy and possess a manic guitar lines. This album is bound to hurtle them into the international spotlight yet again.



1. In This State
2. I Missed Out
3. Milk In The Sun
4. Good Eye
5. Germophobe
6. Itch
7. Heavy Assault
8. Nestle Down
9. Tell Me What You Want
10. Dole Brother
11. Keg
12. Reno
13. Looking Forward To The Change

Hockey Dad - Brain Candy (Exclusive Yellow Vinyl)


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