Vinyl LP repressing. Fatboy Slim's debut album was one of the surprises of the big beat revolution of 1996 and it raised expectations for Fatboy Slim's second album, You've Come a Long Way, Baby. And that record itself was something of a surprise, since it not only exceeded the expectations set by the debut, but came damn close to being the definitive big beat album. Norman Cook is a record geek with extensive knowledge and eclectic tastes. His juxtapositions - the album swings from hip-hop to reggae to jangle pop, and then all combines into one sound - are wildly original. When a record is this forceful and catchy, it doesn't need to break new stylistic ground - the pleasure is in hearing a master work. And there's no question that Cook is a master of sorts - You've Come a Long Way, Baby is a seamless record, filled with great imagination, unexpected twists and turns, huge hooks, and great beats. It's the kind of record that gives big beat a good name.

Fat Boy Slim - You've Come A Long Way, Baby (2LP)


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