After a four-year gap between releases, DZ Deathrays imposing third album — 2018’s Bloody Lovely — saw the Brisbane duo of Shane Parsons and Simon Ridley’s shredding rock maelstrom reach audiences they’d only ever dreamed of. It lead to critical acclaim, a Top 4 ARIA Chart debut, huge tours, headlining festival slots, and playing the biggest venues of their career.


Positive Rising Pt 1 bucks and heaves with disparate, heady atmospheres and avalanching instrumentation that pushes the DZ Deathrays into corners they’ve never visited. What’s on offer is a DZ Deathrays that swings quickly from leaner and meaner, to blown-out and expansive — and sometimes downright weirder —  while still packing enough punches to be destined to soundtrack flying bodies in mosh pits the world over.



Side A

  • 1. Track Title
  • 2. Hi Everyone
  • 3. Still No Change
  • 4. IN-TO-IT
  • 5. A Lot To Lose
  • 6. Hypercolour


Side B

  • 1. Snakes
  • 2. Nightmare Wrecker
  • 3. Year Of The Dog (feat. Matt Caughthran)
  • 4. Silver Lining

DZ DEATHRAYS - Positive Rising Vol. 1 (Ltd Edition Clear with Blue Splatter)