Antony & The Johnsons pull back from their louder, more flamboyant debut album on their second studio album for a more intimate and bluesy experience. It gets closer to Antony's roots as an androgynous cabaret celebrity. 2005's "I am a Bird Now" is a serious artistic expression with a lot of help by serious artists. Antony is joined by Rufus Wainwright on "What Can I Do?" Lou Reed contributes mightily to "Fistful of Love." The song "Spiraling" gets the tender touch of Devendra Banhart." And Antony's first musical hero and inspiration Boy George performs a duet with him on "You Are My Sister." This is the original vinyl pressing from 2005. I Am A Bird Now is the self produced, 2005 Mercury Prize winning Rough Trade debut by Anthony and The Johnsons.



  • 1. Hope There's Someone
  • 2. My Lady Story
  • 3. For Today I Am a Boy
  • 4. Man Is the Baby
  • 5. You Are My Sister
  • 6. What Can I Do?
  • 7. Fistful of Love
  • 8. Spiralling
  • 9. Free at Last
  • 10. Bird Guhl

Antony & The Johnsons - I Am A Bird Now (2021 Reissue)


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