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We had a quick chat with HashFinger, one of the UK's most respected underground beat makers and asked him to pick his top 5 records of all time.

WL- First of all tell us a little bit about yourself

HF- I’m an instrumental producer and DJ from Bradford, West Yorkshire in the UK.

WL- How long have you been doing your thing?

HF- I’ve been releasing projects for around 6-7 years now, I’ve been making music for longer but didn’t start to put things out til around then.

WL- How did you get into it?

HF- I’ve played instruments and messed around with music from a young age, I was always into listening to stuff and trying to learn to play instruments like the guitar and drums. I started listening to hip hop and electronic music and really wanted to give it a go. I got some basic software and really enjoyed making loops so just got hooked from there.

WL- Tell us a highlight of your career up to now- anything exciting coming up?

HF- Highlight of my career is tricky, maybe playing some shows in Tel-Aviv, Israel – that was crazy and one of the best experiences I’ve had playing my music. Aside from the live shows, I’d say releasing my first record ‘Lessons’ was pretty special.

Lots of exciting projects coming up from me, a lot of things are still at an early stage but should be looking to announce my next record soon. I’ve also started pushing to release a project using only recordings of myself playing everything which should be getting announced really soon too.

WL- Tell us a bit about your last release.

HF- My last record was called ‘Elsewhere’ – it kind of followed on from my first records even though that wasn’t intentional, chilled out styles with dusty drums. It’s full of crispy samples that I collected on my travels while playing shows, I wanted to blend a lot of the ideas and loops I had into each other so the project flows through.

WL- Any exclusives you can reveal to us?

HF- I’ve been working on a pack of loops and samples which will be available soon for other producers or anyone who wants to chop up some of my instruments or percussion!

WL- Finally, can you tell us your top 5 records of all time

HF- Top 5 of all time is tough!!

Jehst – Return of the Drifter

Harmonic 33 – Music for Film, Television & Radio Volume 1

Strange U – LP4080

DJ Krush – Code 4109

Wun two – Rio

Wanna see more from HashFinger? Check the links below!

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